If it Prevents a Broken Heart, Don’t Hate

I recently read a blog post blasting men for giving relationship advice. Mainly because the men giving this advice used to be straight up hoes and blamed women for their problems. Now I haven’t read the relationship books these men put out and I don’t check their blogs to see what pearls of wisdom they give, but I’m also not pissed at them for doing what they do. Why? Because a lot of times they’re right.

Yes, women, we can’t throw off all the blame for our own broken hearts and humiliation. A man will only do to you what you let him. Old saying but the meaning is no less true.

I’m not hating on these men for giving advice that is pretty much common sense. Hell, I’ll even admit that seventeen year old Synithia needed to hear this common sense advice from a man. Why get mad at a man who admits he used to screw anything with two legs and breasts telling you how he did it? He’s telling us how friggin easy we made it for him to live the male whore’s dream.

Yet, we want to get mad because he once took advantage? Really? If you were a man who could access easy sex wouldn’t you? Okay, get off the philosophical high horse and answer this realistically.

There are some women who are smart enough and have enough self esteem to know when a guy is running game. But let’s face it, based on all the man bashing out there, it seems to be a lot more women who fall prey to the player, married, commitment phobic or straight up lets drag a hoe man. So I don’t blame women who read the rule book from “reformed” dogs for insight on how they think.

Our girlfriends can tell us all day: He ain’t leaving his wife/girlfriend. You’re just a piece of ass when he calls in the middle of the night? He ain’t taking care of his other kids yet you having his baby? You know he’s sleeping with your girl, right?

And as women we’ll go with our emotions and ignore.

Is all of the advice these men give good. No. Nobody gives perfect advice all of the time. But, if one woman picks herself up and gets enough of a push to tell a sorry dude to “go to hell” after reading a man’s relationship advice, then more power to you girlfriend. I’m for woman empowerment and self love no matter how she gets it.

Feel free to disagree, or agree, with me in the comments.