He’s No Good, But So Tempting

Heartbreaker ButtonPicture this. You’ve had a few dates or encounters with a guy you really like. He’s handsome, smart, funny and you can’t stop the silly grin from coming to your face when your eyes meet his. It’s on the tip of your tongue to ask where things are going. Do your few dates mean you’re not in a relationship? Maybe you’re brave enough to actually ask. You hold your breath, already picturing the wedding and babies when he says he’s not looking for a commitment.


Here’s the moment of choice. A smart woman would reign in the feelings she was about to let loose and cut her losses. But many times we as women aren’t so smart. We really like this guy.

We say to ourself: Self, you can do this. You can hang out with him. Maybe even sleep with him and it’ll be okay. I won’t fall anymore in love with him until he falls in love with me.

Then, he doesn’t fall in love with you.

Double damn.

This type of heartbreak isn’t new. If we would have listened to the smart side of our brain that said move on when he mentioned the not wanting a commitment thing. Instead we’re hurt, angry and upset that we fell for another heartbreaker.

That’s what happens in my novel, Worth the Wait. Tasha asks Jared to be her first, and even though she realizes that sleeping with him after their one time plan will probably lead to heartbreak she tries to convince herself that it won’t. Unfortunately, she is heartbroken. At the worst possible time Jared turns away from her and even I wondered if he deserved to get her back.

But since I write romance, I did let him redeem himself. But he had to put it all on the line in order to win her back.

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