Don’t Grow Old Alone

The fun thing about getting to know a new person, is the possibility that they’ll say something you never expected. Usually, people don’t expect me to say that I write romance novels. And after two years of working hard at this, I’m no longer shy about letting that part of my personality out. Well, the other day I was talking to a male security guard and he said something unexpected.  After I dropped the writer bomb, our conversation went to life and relationships (not surprising), where he admitted to not being the best relationship guy when he was younger. That changed when he met his wife.

Cue the swoon of this romance writer’s heart. Isn’t this what we write about? Reformed rakes and players who give up playing the game? But that wasn’t the unexpected comment. I wasn’t expecting him to say that when his son’s ask for relationship advice tells them to not grow old alone and find a woman that they want to make feel special, secure and safe.

I’d never heard a guy say this before.

Comedians turned relationship experts, and the male bloggers out there dishing out relationship advice do not count.

This was regular guy that isn’t sitting on some sort of platform say something so simple but full of meaning. You know, as a romance writer I like to think that there are still good men out there who are raising other good men. Real life proof that romance novels aren’t full of crap and fantasies.

Do I think that this guy’s sons are perfect romance novel heroes? I don’t know them so I can’t answer. But do I think that these guys have a good chance of being what we write about, a guy willing to give up other women to make one special woman feel special, safe, and secure. Yes.

So, maybe I’m silly for being excited to hear this regular guy say this to me. But it did strike me that it was the first guy who wasn’t my husband say something like this. Proof that some men do want long term relationships. That’s worth highlighting.

When was the last time a surprising conversation?