A Jackson Falls Prequel!

It’s February! The day before my birthday and also a new release day! The Promise of a Kiss is a novella set in Jackson Falls. The story introduces you to the Robidoux Family, the main characters in Forbidden Promises, and the world of lies, secrets, and love set up in my new series with HQN books.

If you can’t wait until February 25th for my next book, then The Promise of a Kiss is just the story to get you through. I hope you give Dominic and Jeanette a chance!


They’ve worked together for years. But one weekend away will change everything…

Dominic Ferrell is the ultimate fixer. If a problem has to disappear, Dominic is the one to call. So when senatorial candidate Byron Robidoux needs help tracking down a woman from his past, Dominic can’t resist taking the job and enlisting the best PI he knows to help. It’s an open-and-shut case…or at least it was supposed to be.

From the moment Dominic walks into her office, six feet of cool, confident, magnetism, Jeanette knows she’s in for some delicious trouble. He may want to approach the woman they’re hired to find on his own, but Jeanette has a hunch about this case—and she’s never ever wrong. They either finish this together…or not at all.

What begins as a simple work trip soon turns into something far more fun—and more complicated. And as the sparks between them ignite, nothing will ever be the same. But will Dominic and Jeanette get burned?

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