Are You Ready for Counterfeit Courtship?

I hope so because release day is here! The final book in my Heart and Soul Series is available today. Tyrone Livingston, baby brother and playboy of the trio is finally getting his happily ever after. It doesn’t come easily for him, but at the end of the day he’s no match for the feelings Keira ignites in him. I hope you enjoy this last installment of the Heart and Soul Series. When you’re done, be sure to leave a review so other readers can decide if Counterfeit Courtship is the right read for them.


Their romance has an expiration date. 

When a kiss at a reality TV wedding is caught on camera, there’s only one way to save his reputation and her career. Now paranormal promoter Tyrone Livingston and makeup artist Kiera Fox are officially dating. But their fake romance can’t go on forever. Is Tyrone the love ’em–and–leave ’em player portrayed by the media? Or can a relationship with an agreed-upon end date turn into a real and lasting love?


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