The Wait is Over! Waiting for Friday Night Releases Today!!

Waiting for Friday Night is finally here! The second installment of the Peachtree Cove Series is ready for those who enjoy enemies to lovers, football coaches and school principals, and small town drama! I remember talking about just the idea of this book over dinner with writer friends back in 2021, so it’s kind of surreal that it’s finally here. I hope you enjoy Halle and Quinton as they learn to work together to make their unexpected connection work. Happy Reading!!


In the wake of losing both of her parents, Halle Parker was certain of one thing: she wanted a family of her own. And she wasn’t going to let a little thing like being single stand in her way. So, she used an anonymous donor and kept every last detail a secret—from everyone. But now, fourteen years later, Halle’s daughter, Shania, is determined to unravel the identity of her biological dad. And what she learns blindsides everyone…

When Quinton Evans’s pro-football days came to an end, he was eager to begin coaching and teaching, and he’s never looked back. But when Shania, a wide receiver on his team, reveals that she’s his daughter, he’s blown away. The one thing he refuses to do is walk away, even if Shania’s strong-willed and gorgeous mother wants nothing to do with him.

Halle knows that once you let the cat out of the bag in a small town like Peachtree Cove, you’re gonna have to do some damage control. But with Quinton suddenly popping up everywhere she turns, it’s all Halle can do to fight for the future she envisioned and the family she created. If only fate—and the undeniable heat sparking between her and Quinton—didn’t have other plans…

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