So Close, Yet So Far

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I’m nearing the end of the revisions to my MS. Right now I’m at 88, 747 words and 31 chapters. I’m really proud of my accomplishment, regardless of what happens to it. I’m procrastinating on finishing all of my revisions. Why? Because once they’re done, I have to do something with it. I’m scared shitless at the prospect of querying. It’s probably not “cool” to admit, but it’s the way I feel. On the other hand, I wonder if self publishing is the way to go. There are a lot of successful self published authors; do I have what it takes to market a self published book? So many questions and I don’t want to spend the next year pondering them.  I will make myself finish my revisions soon. Then I’ll start the process of working on query letters and a synopsis. No matter what I choose, I don’t doubt that I’ll work hard to be  successful. I don’t half-ass anything. My mom always said (usually after making us re-clean the kitchen) “The lazy man always works the hardest”, so I won’t half-ass my attempt to publish my novel. That being said, I’ll do what I always do.
Research my options, weigh the pros and cons, and step out on faith. O.K., universe, I’m putting it out there; show me what to do.