A Malibu Kind of Romance Cover Reveal!

I’m excited to show you all the sexy cover for my next Harlequin Kimani release, A Malibu Kind of Romance. The book is loosely tied to my first Kimani release, A New York Kind of Love. In this book Irvin’s friend, Dante Wilson, falls in love. The sexy playboy is used to getting the woman he wants, but Julie Dominick proves to him that he’ll have to work a little harder to win her love.



Rhythm of their hearts 

Slick lines and sweet nothings have zero effect on ambitious real estate developer Julie Dominick. Her love rules have thankfully saved her from dealing with messy relationship complications. But since R & B superstar Dante Wilson hired her to open his new Malibu nightclub, he’s determined to add some pleasure to their business dealings. And Julie’s strategy to protect her heart may not stand up to his seductive appeal.

Growing up in a music dynasty, Dante enjoys all the female attention that comes with his fame. For the first time, he knows what it feels like to be brushed off by someone he’s falling for. When his usual moves fall flat, he has to show Julie the real man behind all the glitz and glamour. Will it be enough to convince Julie that it’s better to break the rules rather than risk losing love’s passionate melody?

A Malibu Kind of Romance doesn’t release until August 1, but you can pre-order your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever e-books are sold.