Interview with Author K.M. Jackson

For the past two weeks I’ve been visiting other blogs. Now it’s back to inviting others over to mine. Before I get into this interview, I want to thank Rionna Morgan and Laura Simcox for interviewing me on their blogs and  Kiera Kohl for letting me express my views on why sex in romance novels is real (if you disagree maybe you’re not having good sex). I also had a guest post on the Ladies in Red blog—unofficial blog of Crimson Romance authors—where I talked about how my work in local government is putting my writing career in perspective.

Now on to today’s interview. I’d like you all to meet K.M. Jackson whose debut novel, Through the Lens, was released yesterday from Crimson Romance. I was able to read an early release of K.M.’s book and I must say it gave me a much needed escape to a tropical island with a sexy man! So without further ado, here’s the interview.

Me: Describe your journey to becoming published?

K.M. Jackson: Oh gosh so you couldn’t start with an easy one, huh? LOL. I’ve had a pretty long journey to becoming published but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet for your blog readers.

Growing up I always had two “when I grow up” dreams. I guess both my dreams came from mostly living half my life in my own little “dream state” of having my nose buried in either a fashion magazine or a romance book. So that being said, my two dreams were to be a fashion designer or a writer. After 10 years of designing for New York houses (and then losing my perfect caregiver for my twins) I left that world to be a stay at home mother. Not long after that I started to pursue my 2nd dream to be a being a writer. It was then that opened my laptop and wrote my first manuscript. And bam! 10 years later and 6 or it could be 7 manuscripts later (I may have blocked 1 out) I’m finally debuting my first romance THROUGH THE LENS.

Me: Tell me about your book?

K.M.J.: THROUGH THE LENS is the story of Mika and Alejandro. Alejandro is a hot New York fashion photographer and Mika is his longtime assistant and Gal Friday. Mika is an everywoman kind of woman, working in a world of almost unattainable beauty. The rub is she has a crush on her boss who happens to be sought after by just about everyone including the supermodels that he routinely photographs. Sparks fly when Mika and Ale are unexpectedly alone for a few days on an almost deserted island ahead of the crew. Mika sees this as her last opportunity to let Alejandro know just how she feels about him and she’s not going to waste it.

Me: Who or what inspires you as a writer?

K.M.J.: Just about anything inspires me. I get can get my ideas from a love song, a photograph or a church sermon. You just never know with me. I also love movies and television and watch what some would think is too much of both but I’m truly in awe of folks who can create a great story that is both moving and visual from nothing. Unfortunately, my ideas come faster than I can actually write so that’s a problem at times.

My note: Same here! Too many ideas and not enough time!

Me: What made you pick your genre?

K.M.J.: I have loved romance since I was a young teen. I probably get this from my grandmother and my mother who are both big readers. And for me romance was just the greatest escape ever into a world full of emotion and angst but always with that lovely satisfaction at the end.

Me: What advice do you have for other writers?

K.M.J.: My advice would be don’t give up with the first book. Sure there are plenty that get the call on that first one and great for them. But I can say even with getting the call (or in my case the email) with your 6th the feeling is still just as sweet. And you know that annoying saying about no writing being wasted. Guess what? It’s true. You learn with each book, and even each rejection and I think you learn the most when you dust yourself off, go back to the page and start all over again.

Me: Excellent advice! Please tell us where can we find you online?

I can be found on my website

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Thanks so much for having me here today Synithia. It was a pleasure and best of luck with your wonderful debut too!

You’re welcome, K.M.! And thanks for visiting my blog today. Okay folks, if you need an escape to a tropical island with a sexy man then go buy Through the Lens now!