Why I’m Not Mad at The General

As a married woman I should be full of righteous indignation about General Petraeus’ affair. I should applaud the resignation, the loss of his pension and the embarrassment that comes with his infidelity. I should send a note of sisterly affection to the wife, telling her to keep her head up and that she’s better off without him.

Yeah…not quite.

Again, I wonder if I’m just too cynical but while I’m fascinated and completely into the “scandal” of the affair. I’m not pissed. Number one: he’s not personally connected to me and therefore not worth any of my anger. Number two: that ish happens every day.

When the story first broke, I was kinda pissed that he lost his job. How can the former president stick cigars up an intern’s you know what and keep his job, but the General has to resign. As the story unfolded and the other implications of his affair came forward then I saw the reason for his resignation. The man was stupid for cheating, but he was even dumber for cheating with a woman who didn’t know her place as the jump off.

I am not condoning the behavior of either. Trust and believe. Infidelity has broken my heart and those close to me. But after going through those tough personal situations, I’m a lot less naive about what happens in the real world of relationships.

Take one powerful man, one young, attractive woman following him around to write his biography, add in sexual attraction plus long periods alone together while traveling and viola the makings of a Lifetime movie.

This is the stuff that we feed off of daily.

Oh, you don’t agree. Then why are there shows like Basketball Wives, Scandal, Law and Order SVU, The Good Wife and so on that are hyped up by stories of infidelity? Because we, the public and real life living people, see this mess happen every day and find a certain amount of entertainment value when it’s not us.

So, unless you are Mrs. Petraeus save your hate for the General. Watch it, writers get story ideas from it, then look at your own house. Do a relationship double-check with your significant other. Make sure you’re happy, fulfilled and ready to keep your relationship going. Don’t break your glass house throwing stones at someone else’s.

Go ahead, agree or disagree with me in the comments.