Sex is Not Just for the Bedroom

As soon as I saw that title I knew I was going to enjoy my guest’s post! I’m standing aside and letting one of my favorite authors, Delaney Diamond, introduce a fun topic today. Enjoy!


Every now and again I post sex health questions on my Facebook fan page. They’re true or false, multiple choice, etc., and I ask my fans to answer the questions to test their own IQ. One day I asked what was the second most popular place to have sex after a bed, and the correct answer was a car.

When I’m reading a romance novel, I always find it interesting when the author can come up with a new place for the couple to have sex. Let’s face it, after so many books, it can be hard as heck to be creative with the sex, but one way to do it is by changing up the location.

It shakes things up and adds a certain uniqueness, even an urgency, to the act. It’s as if the two people involved can’t wait long enough to get to a bedroom. Forget comfort, they need each other now.

I personally like mixing it up in that way. In Private Acts , Book 3 of the Hot Latin Men series, Miguel and Samirah got busy on top of a car in a parking lot. Fight for Love, Book 2 of the same series, the kitchen floor made due when Rafael and Rebekah reconnected after 9 years apart.

In my latest novel, The Blind Date, Ryan and Shawna have a strong connection right off the bat that carries throughout the novel. They make love outside of the bedroom several times. There’s the living room floor, against the wall in an alley, and the bathroom stall of a corporate function. Those scenes were not only sexy, they were fun to write.

I know my hostess had a very hot scene that took place on top of a desk in her novel You Can’t Plan Love. I remember it well. Heh-heh.

Can you think of any other novels you’ve read where the hero and heroine made love outside of the bedroom? Authors, do you have a sexy scene you’d like to tell us about from one of your books?

Cover_The Blind Date_200X300Blurb:

One night changes everything . . . again.

Years ago, when Ryan Stewart saw Shawna Ferguson, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a free man, and his deception caused him to lose her after a weekend that changed his life.

When Shawna’s sister and brother-in-law set her up on a blind date, she has no idea it’s with Ryan, with whom she’d spent a weekend she wishes she could forget. She reluctantly agrees to finish the date with him, but doing so leaves her vulnerable to his charms and the heat he ignited in her that very first night.




She’d never forgotten the two torrid nights they’d spent together where the intimacies they shared had left her breathless and exhausted in his arms. Every caress of his lips and touch of his rough, work-worn hands was seared into her brain. And she could never, ever forget what it felt like to have the dark stubble shadowing his jaw graze the sensitive spot on her neck—or the skin of her inner thigh.

Her knees weakened at the thought.

A corner of his lips did a slow slant upward, and Shawna tore her eyes away from the invitation in them to stare into a pair of amazing blue eyes that rooted her in place.

“Hello, Shawna.” The mellow sound of his voice greeted her as he approached. He exuded a confidence and casual virility not present during their first introduction. Back then, he’d been a little less sure of himself, though very charming.

The sound of her name on his tongue sent a tremor through every cell of her body. “Ryan.” She whispered his name in disbelief because his name wasn’t Roger James, and he wasn’t a stranger. She’d hoped never to set eyes on this man again.

“It’s good to see you, love.”

Shocked out of her reverie by the affectionate word, rage erupted inside of Shawna. She hadn’t seen him since that day in Chicago when her heart had shattered into a thousand pieces. She did what she hadn’t been able to do back then.

She hauled back and slapped him.


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