The Joy of Book Events!


With romance icon Rochelle Alers!

This fall I attended two book events. The Black Ink Book Festival in Charleston, SC and the Building Relationships Around Books Reading Warrior Retreat in San Antonio, TX. Not only did I meet a lot of fun people and new readers, but I was reminded why book events are so beneficial.

Now that Crimson Romance and Kimani Romance are no more…well Kimani at the end of 2019…I am back out on submission. Submitting your stories to new publishers can be pretty hard, and it feels a lot like starting over. Well, it is starting over. Lol! When I’m at these events I talk to current and new readers and remember that I love books! I love talking to other readers, making stories that connect with people, and being a part of this awesome community! My creative well is replenished. I’m ready to tackle continuing my journey as a hybrid author who self publishes some stories while sending other stories for traditional consideration.

Starting over is inevitable in life for various reasons. I choose to tackle this new beginning with optimism. Mostly thanks to you! So, if you’re one of the new subscribers who gave me a chance at Black Ink or BRAB, or a current subscriber who’s been here for the ride, thank you! We’ll continue this journey together.


Hanging with Kimani authors Reese Ryan, Cheris Hodges and Martha Kennerson at BRAB.


On a panel with poets Marcus Amaker and Gina Mocha at Black Ink.

I’m not sure which events I’ll attend in 2019, but I’m going to make connecting with readers and other writers a priority in 2019.

Have you attended any book events this year you’d recommend to others?