His Pick for Passion Now Available!

The final installment in the Scoring for Love series is now available! Will Hampton is used to winning both on the basketball court and in the dating game, but after one night with his sister’s best friend, Erin, and it’s game over!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Scoring for Love Series. Whether you started with Jacobe and Danielle in Full Court Seduction (Book 1), discovered the series with one of the other books, or this is your first time giving the series a try I want to thank you! Writing is hard and when I’m sitting in my office struggling for every word knowing that there are readers who appreciate the words make it a little easier.

I hope you enjoy His Pick for Passion! Be sure to leave a review where you purchased, and then be on the lookout for updates on my new series with HQN.


On and off the court, professional basketball player Will Hampton scores easily. Then he’s dared to seduce his sister’s best friend—the only woman who’s never fallen for his game. Marketing exec Erin Fry has transformed from tomboy to stunning beauty, but she doubts Will can change his ways. One mind-blowing night puts their hearts in play, but can Erin let her guard down—and let love in?


“What are you doing?” she asked. Her hands gripped his strong arms.

“Hugging you.” His voice was a sexy whisper. His head lowered. His lips stopped right before they touched hers.

Erin’s heart hammered. The tips of her breasts tightened against the planes of his chest. Excitement simmered in her veins. The heat in his eyes could have melted iron.

“Kissing you?”

She could pull back now, and he’d let her go. He’d say goodbye, walk away and never bring up what happened again. Will was a ladies’ man, but he wasn’t a jerk. If she didn’t want his kiss, he’d accept that.

She knew what she wanted. It wasn’t due to the fun of the night, the look in his eye or two glasses of wine. The soft plea in his voice when he’d asked. The smallest hint that he was just as eager for their lips to touch as she was. That was what busted her defenses. Erin lifted on her toes and pressed her lips to his.

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