Bad News Good News

I recently participated in a writing webinar that came with an agent critique of my first five pages. The agent doing the critique is actively seeking new clients, so naturally I was uber excited to send my work. Yes, I realize uber is not a word, but bear with me. So anyway, to my surprise the agent sent her critique back within four days.

Bad news: She would ultimately have to pass on asking for more.
Good news: It was a close one.

Yay! How cool is that. She said my opening pages had some brilliant moments, but she passed because there were some moments where I stuttered. I know which parts she referred to, and the ones she pointed out were parts I figured could use some work. According to her, my opening line was excellent and I had really authentic and great character development. I especially like her comment of “this section is really good.”

This is why I’m choosing the traditional route. To get this type of feedback to make my writing better. Yeah, I’m kinda bummed that she passed, human nature, but I’m totally encouraged by her words. My “mistakes” aren’t really a deal breaker and other agents may like my pages as is. Regardless, I will take her feedback into consideration during my next revisions.

On another note, I’m failing at NaNoWriMo. Only about 10,000 words written. That’s okay, because I’m perfecting my first novel 🙂