Sure, I’d Sleep with Johnny, But Wouldn’t Marry Him

It’s s been awhile since I blogged some random thought that popped into my head, so I don’t feel too bad about my current rant. I watched Dirty Dancing last night, one of those movies that I often find myself stopping and watching when it’s on TV. At the end, after the wonderful “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” line, and when they started their last dance, I began to wonder: what happens when summer is over? I completely get the allure of Johnny, sexy, wrong-side-of-the-tracks guy who dances with you as if you’re making love standing up. But once the summer is over, do you try to hold on to the relationship, or let it go? My vote would be to let it go.

You see, Johnny is one of those guys who’s good for a summer fling, but not long-term. He admitted that a month before he was eating Jujubes and has no plans other than keeping his gig lined up for next summer. I need a bit more than that from Johnny.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a broke man, there is something wrong with a man who has no real long-range plans. No dream of opening his own dance studio one day, no thoughts of teaching dance at a school somewhere, no allusion to what he’d be doing once the summer was over. He sneered at his father’s offer of a steady painting job. Yeah, it”s not glamorous, but it would provide some money toward a dance studio or something.

There are some guys who are good for a quick freak, and guys who are worth putting a bit more time into. Johnny falls in to the former. Most of us have those guys in our past who were worth a summer, semester, or weekend of fun, but not much more than that. We may look back and smile, or frown and wonder what we were thinking, but in the long run those guys are where they belong: in the past. It’s important to realize when a guy is worth investing time in, or not worth the time required to reply to his Tweet. Although, Johnny would have been worth keeping as a friend on Facebook for nostalgia’s sake.

What do you think; is Johnny worth marrying? And yes, I would have gotten on the plane with Victor instead of staying in Casablanca with Rick. Although, I would have enjoyed that last night in his room.