Interview with Writer/Publisher Kisha Green

I want to introduce you all to another writer who is working hard to be a voice for writers, and promote all things associated with the craft of writing. Kisha Green is a writer, publisher and online radio host. I met Kisha when I joined her Literary Jewels email group earlier this year. I was very impressed that she wanted to work with aspiring authors and help them on their way to becoming published. I was even more impressed to see all the various projects she works on.  She started her own publishing company, Diva Books Inc., and hosts an online blog radio show where she recieved the Best Blogtalk Host award at Prodigy Publishing’s Urban Literary Awards in February 2011. 

I was so happy when she agreed to answer a few questions for my blog about how she finds inspiration and stays motivated.  Enjoy!

Me:  Describe your journey to becoming published.

Kisha Green: I was always kept a journal since the age of eleven. It wasn’t until 2005 that I sought out to become published, after a bad experience with a publisher, I decided to self publish.

Me: I love that you turned a bad experience into a positive one. As writers, we’re going to face difficult situations such as rejection or bad experiences with publishers. What helped you turn that negative experience into a positive one?

KG: I simply was determined to become published, so failure was not an option. For everyone who told me no, I was going to make it happen for myself. I.e. I needed interviews on online magazines, and people were reluctant because I was a newbie so I created my own literary site, Writer’s Vibe. I needed radio show interviews and was unsuccessful, so I created my own, Writer’s Life Chats and lastly I needed book reviews and again people took advantage so I started doing my own. So for me for each door closed I created a new own and vowed never to be like that to others.

Me: Who or what inspires you as a writer?

KG: My children inspire me to be better and create a legacy with creative works from my literary career.

Me:  You have Writers Vibe, Divas Books and an online blog radio show, how do you keep up with it all?

KG: I simply love literary and anything I can do that ties in I’m immediately attracted to.

Me: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

KG: Research everything and don’t just take someone’s word for it. Not everyone shares the same literary journey, so you have to surround yourself with like minded individuals.

Me: Where can we go to listen to you radio show?

KG: My radio show is Writer’s Life Chats

Thanks so much to Kisha for this interview. You can find Kisha on Twitter @KishaGreen, and can learn more about her company at and her literary site at