Campaigner Challenge #writecampaign

It’s my first Campaigner Challenge! The task: write a short story/flash fiction in 200 words or less. Begin with the words “Shadows crept across the wall”. For an extra challenge end with “everything faded”, use the word orange, write in your normal genre (romance) and make the story exactly 200 words.

Shadows crept across the wall. The smell of gardenia—my favorite flower—floated on the ocean breeze as it lifted the curtains. He’d planted them after our split. I stretched and indulged in the soreness that came with an afternoon of lovemaking. Tomorrow I might regret today’s decision. But, it took three years to get this glorious afternoon, I wouldn’t spoil it by thinking of the consequences.

I rolled over expecting to see him, but the bed was empty. My heart beat frantically as I sat up. My eyes scanned the room looking for any trace of him. His clothes, haphazardly thrown across the room before, were missing. Mine folded neatly on a chair. Pain constricted my chest and tears burned my eyes. Memories of a similar scene hit me: waking up alone, the only reminder of him a cryptic note saying our lovemaking was a mistake.

This couldn’t be happening. After everything it took to get here, could he leave me so callously yet again?

The door opened. My breath caught then released in a rush. He stood there smiling, eating an orange. He walked over, bent and kissed me. Tomorrow didn’t matter. When we were together everything faded.

So what do you think?