Release Day!

It’s finally here! My first novel, You Can’t Plan Love, releases from Crimson Romance. I’m ecstatic, but it’s also a bit surreal. I’m at home today, taking it easy and getting my five-year old ready for his first day of kindergarten tomorrow. This is good because now I don’t have to feel guilty about shouting my good news from the rafters on Facebook and Twitter all day long.

I have a lot of online activity planned for my release. The first being a contest that starts today. I’m giving away a reusable bag filled with romantic swag at the end of the week. Visit the You Can’t Plan Love contest page to learn more about how to win.

I also have multiple blog interviews lined up. Last week I visited the Romance Lives Forever blog and fellow Crimson Romance author Galen Rose’s blog. This week and next I’ll be at the blogs of other authors, and will have a guest post on the Crimson Romance site. It’s enough to keep me busy and prevent me from obsessing about sales.

This past weekend I celebrated my book release with family and friends at a Pre-Release party. I posted pictures on my Facebook page. My camera died after a few shots, so I hope to update the album with more pictures soon. Some may wonder why I went through all the trouble of having a party to celebrate the launch of an e-book. My comeback is why not? I’ve dreamed of getting published for years and it’s finally happening. The party, the tears, the laughter and well wishes was deserved after all of the stressing I’ve done about getting my book out there. I’m still blown away by the support I received. I know people say you can tell who you friends are in bad times, but I truly believe that you can see who your friends are when times are good. Don’t believe me, look around at those hating when you do well.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to complete revisions on my second book. Write the last chapter in my third (whoo hoo) and toss around ideas of which book I’ll start next.

Now the shameless plug: buy my book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and wherever e-books are sold 🙂