A Very Big Bed and a Very Hot Kiss: Worth the Wait Final Preview

Well, next week and Worth the Wait is here! Excited isn’t the right word. I’m hoping you all enjoy reading their story as much as i enjoy writing it. Today you’ll get to see Tasha and Jared’s first kiss. I love first kisses, and all of the anticipation that comes with feeling your lovers lips. Ah love…Enjoy!


TashaWTW Cover‘s attention went back to the bed. It couldn’t be ignored. She walked over to it. At five feet four inches she considered herself average height, but she would need a stepstool to get on it. How many women had he slept with in that bed? Probably dozens. The thought excited her. She wanted to experience what other women had with him, and she wanted it in that bed. She ran her hands along the smooth comforter and closed her eyes, imagining herself naked, sliding on the sheets.

“Do you like my bed?”

She snatched her hands away as if she’d been burned. She turned to the closet where Jared stood, watching her. He’d put on a loose fitting pair of jeans and a black shirt he hadn’t buttoned. His feet were still bare. She definitely liked what she saw.

“It’s a nice bed. Is this where we’ll…” Although she knew what she asked she couldn’t say the words.

He walked over, placing his hands on the bed and trapping her between it and him. The heat from his body radiated toward her. Time seemed to freeze as the force of her attraction buzzed within her. If she was going to do this she couldn’t be a ninny. She hesitated, before lifting her hands and placing them on his chest. His skin was surprisingly soft over the hard muscles underneath. He flexed his pecs and she jerked. Her pinky finger accidentally flicking over his flat nipple and his breathing pick up.

He lightly ran a finger down her cheek. “My plan was to wait, but you’re making it very difficult.”

Tasha shivered as he gently traced her earlobe. “How?”

“Because right now all I want to do is take your clothes off, throw you on that bed, and get deep inside you.”

Oh, God, what am I doing? Despite her fear she said, “Then…then do it.”

He stared at her for what felt like hours before he closed the distance between them and kissed her. Fire spread throughout her body, so hot she was sure he could feel it. His lips were firm and demanding against hers. When his tongue reached out for entrance into her mouth she quickly obliged. He immediately filled her mouth with his tongue and Tasha’s hands clenched against his chest. He groaned, kissing her harder.

His hand came up to caress her breast through her shirt, softly massaging her aching flesh. When his thumb brushed across her nipple she trembled as liquid heat replaced her bones. His other hand clutched her waist, pulling her against him. He reached around to cup her behind as he pressed his erection against her.

His mouth left hers, kissing his way to her ear. “I’m going to touch you,” he said, his hand leaving her butt to pop open the button of her shorts. Excitement and fear trembled within her. It was happening to fast.

His tongue played with the curve of her ear. “Tell me to touch you.” Her zipper released, and his hands skimmed along the waistband of her panties. All reasoning left.

“Touch me.”