Gotta Love Those Alpha Males

About a week ago, my hubby did one of his alpha male things.

Scenario: Doorbell rings and off I go to answer. He asks “Who is it?” I reply, “I don’t know. Some dude.”

The dude in question turns out to be one of our neighbors (who I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognize) letting us know the lights were flashing on my car. Afterwards, my hubby does his alpha thing: “Don’t answer the door to a strange man if I’m not here.” I kind of chuckle and say that’s not really feasible.

Though in my mind I’m picturing going to the door in the future only to be greeted by some crazy guy, and realize that now I’ll probably be hesitate to answer the door for some dude.

This exchange, simple as it was, got me to thinking about independent women and alpha men. I love it when my hubby shows several of his I am man characteristics. I get a thrill when he shows strength. I’m impressed when he does “manly” stuff—seriously, I fell in love the day he changed the alternator on my car. But when his alpha tendencies lean toward giving me direction/advice, even when I know it’s because he’s trying to look out for me, I tend to laugh it off and sometimes ignore. Case in point: I still let the gas light come on my car after he gave a lecture on all the reasons not to do it.

Why do I do this? The same reason the heroines in romance novels ignore it when the hero says “wait right here” women today are raised to be strong, independent, and not to take orders from a man.  We figure we know how to take care of ourselves, and even when the men we love try to give advice, that independent woman nerve jumps up and we’re like “Okay, babe, I won’t let my car get past a half a tank.” All while the gas light is flashing.

And, if by some chance the alpha man in our life is right, it’s all good. He’ll be the first one to run to the rescue when we need a bit of help.