Exciting News and Goals Update

Hey y’all! I’m winding down from a super busy weekend…well super busy few weeks. I forgot to post my April goals, but I did put them on the white board above my work desk and looked at them all month.

April GoalsI am happy to report that I did meet my April goals. Trust Me With Your Love (Caldwell Family Book 3) is scheduled for release May 19, the next Jacksonville Gator’s book was submitted and I’ve outlined the 4th Caldwell Family and Gator’s book.

The Southern Girls Sip and Read Event was also a huge success! I had a lot of fun and met so many great readers and writers. I’m already going through ideas of how to make the event even better in 2018…if I’m crazy enough to do it again. So many thanks to Cheris Hodges, Debra Mello, Kianna Alexander and Kaia Danielle for coming to my town and spreading our love of reading and writing romance!

Sip and Read Event

                         Sip and Read Event

April was also a fantastic month for another reason. I participated in the #DVPit event on Twitter. #DVPit is a Twitter pitching event for marginalized authors and illustrators. (BTW, I hate the word marginalized). Anyway, I decided to throw out this pitch: “A violinist is jerked back into the drama of her family’s tobacco empire and realizes she’s still in love with her sister’s ex-husband.”

Lot’s of drama, right?!? Y’all know I love messy stories. 😉

Well, to my utter surprise, the pitch gained a lot of interest. Long story short, the pitch caught the eye of Tricia Skinner with Fuse Literary Agency. I’m familiar with Tricia through her writing, work as an agent, and support of CIMRWA. After a few emails and an energized phone conversation I agreed to work with her. I have an agent!! I’m very excited to work with Tricia! She’s read my writing, loves it, and I feel really good about this partnership.

Which means I really need to buckle down on my May goals. Which are:

  1. Submit new Gators proposal to Kimani;
  2. Start Ryan Caldwell’s book (yes, Ryan Caldwell finally finds happiness);
  3. Polish up the proposal for my DVPit (which, btw, is an idea I came up with while writing A Heart to Heal);
  4. Write 1k a day.

Not many goals in May, but they all are very important. April was a great month, and I pray May continues to be the same. I was kind of down on myself at the start of April. I wasn’t sure about my health, my writing, or what I would do next. Things turned around, and I thank God for all my blessings. I just have to continue to work hard on my end.