Trust Me With Your Love Release Day!

Today is the day! Trust Me With Your Love, the 3rd book in my Caldwell Family Series, is out ! If you remember, Isaac Caldwell had a mini-meltdown at the end of Show Me How to Love. Well, you’ll finally find out what’s up with Isaac and the reason for that mini-meltdown. He also meets his match with Kim Griffin. They have an attraction that’s simmered for two years. Now that attraction will no longer be ignored. I hope you enjoy Isaac and Kim’s road to happily ever after.


Isaac Caldwell doesn’t trust emotions. Emotions made his brother abandon the company and guided his father’s lifelong need for revenge which is why he’s kept the unsettling feelings stirred by his administrative assistant, Kim Griffin, on permanent leave. But when he enlists Kim’s expertise with his plans to re-brand the company the feelings he mistrusts erupt into a passion that won’t be ignored.

After hustling in the streets nearly cost her everything, Kim walked away from the danger and easy money to pursue a life of stability she always dreamed of. She won’t fall for a man she can’t trust with her secrets, and even though her head warns loving Isaac is foolish, her heart won’t listen. Soon their business partnership skyrockets into a personal relationship neither expected. Before they can trust if their newfound happiness is a good deal a debt from the past needs to be repaid, and the cost could destroy the business, their love, and their lives.

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