Rolling with the Punches. No Sip and Read :(

Friday started out as a really good day. My twist out came turned out…okay (still figuring that out). My makeup was on point. The weather was kinda sorta warm enough to wear a dress, so I wore one. My boys didn’t give me a hard time as we went to school listening to music. Work was chill, and I enjoyed lunch with co-workers celebrating a birthday. I was ready for the weekend!

Then I got the call. For reasons that aren’t worth getting into here, I found out my agreement with the venue where I was having the Southern Girls Sip and Read was cancelled. 

Yep. One week before the event!

Surprisingly, I didn’t automatically go into freak out mode. First it was, breathe, think, and what do I need to do next. I got in touch with the other authors immediately. Then I started looking at back up locations.

That’s when the panic mode hit. I’d done the scramble for a location that would meet the needs for the event earlier in the year. There were ideas of places, but when I started calling most of the locations I wanted were booked.

So, I made the hard call. The 2018 Sip and Read is cancelled.

Me with Wine Friday Night

As soon as I got home from work I gave refunds to those who purchased tickets . The other authors and I are going to host a Sip and Read Facebook party next Saturday instead. Not as fun as hanging out in person, but still a lot of fun.

I know some people would have spent this entire week looking for an alternate venue to make the event happen. I wanted to do the same. Then I had to sit back and think about how to not have a breakdown. I’m already under a lot of stress at work, keeping up with my kid’s schedule, and sticking to my writing deadlines. Last year, I had nightmares about everything that could possibly go wrong before the 2017 Sip and Read. The 2017 event went off without a hitch, and it was so much fun. This year I chose to step back, regroup, and focus on next year instead of intentionally pushing myself to nightmare mode again. Plus, people travel. I couldn’t wait until Wednesday or later in the week and cancel if I couldn’t secure a spot. 

Cancelling early was one of my small steps toward keeping self care in the forefront. I am disappointed I won’t get to hang with readers next week. The great news is I’ve had people reach out to me about other venues to keep in mind. I’m also making tentative plans with one to have signing when my next book, Guarding His Heart, releases in July. 

Be on the lookout. I was down on Friday, but I’m not out!